Be Aware of Scams During the Holiday Season

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, BGE reminds customers to be on the lookout for imposters using energy-related scams to steal money and personal information.

BGE wants all customers to know scam reporting is currently approaching a 5% increase over last year with complaints rising as the holiday season draws near. It’s critical that customers understand how to avoid scammers and customers are urged to please be vigilant in stopping every attempt since any success helps fuel scammers to make more attempts.

Additionally, imposters are taking advantage of economic challenges and pressuring families and businesses who may be struggling with past-due balances.

“It is so disappointing that these scammers continue to use this time of economic uncertainty to deceive our customers. We want to remind customers that disconnection is a last resort, and we want to help customers who may be behind,” says Chima Chijioke, vice president of customer operations for BGE. “Any customer who is experiencing a hardship or difficulty with their bill should call BGE immediately at 1-800-685-0123.”

REMEMBER: Customers with a past due balance will receive multiple service interruption notifications for nonpayment– never a single notification one hour before disconnection. BGE will never ask customers to make payments with a pre-paid debit card, gift card, or any form of cryptocurrency.

Residential customers who are past due on their BGE bill should contact the company as soon as possible. Customers should never wait until they are in crisis to contact BGE—the time is now. To learn more about assistance options customers can call 410.685.0123 or visit for additional information.

Here are some tips that customers should look out for to prevent them from becoming victims of utility scammers.

Five Quick Tips

  1. BGE will never ask a customer to purchase a prepaid debit card, pay via mobile payment apps like Cash App, Zelle, or Venmo, or pay with cryptocurrency.
  2. Customers will never receive a single phone call claiming they have one hour before they are disconnected unless they pay immediately. If a customer has a past due balance, they will receive multiple notifications requesting payment.
  3. BGE will never contact customers for information BGE already has, including choice ID numbers, social security numbers or any other personal information.
  4. BGE will not call customers to offer a discount or rebate.
  5. Trust your instincts. If a call does not seem like it is from BGE, customers should hang up and call BGE immediately at 1-800-685-0123.

Always Remember

  • Never provide your social security number or personal information to anyone initiating contact with you claiming to be a utility representative or requesting that you send money to another person or entity other than your local utility provider.
  • Always ask to see a company photo ID before allowing any utility worker into your home or business. BGE employees visibly display a company ID badge with BGE’s logo and their name. Note: two versions of BGE’s logo currently exist. Any customer who is uncertain should call BGE at 800.685.0123.
  • BGE does not take cash payments at the door.

Any customer who believes they’ve been a target of a scam is urged to contact their local police. Customers can also self-report utility-related scams to BGE through our website or call 1-800-658-0123.