Muddy creek sunset

Keeping Muddy Creek Clear

In Anne Arundel County, Muddy Creek is a sleepy stream that empties into the Rhode River. But when heavy rains hit, a span of the Creek that crosses a BGE transmission right-of-way (ROW) turns into a high-speed sediment delivery service headed straight for the Chesapeake Bay.

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The West/Rhode Riverkeeper reached out to BGE for assistance in restoring the stream – the erosion and heavy sediment negatively impacts the environment. And in this case, it also represented a potential long-term threat to BGE’s 500 kV circuit and 34.5 kV pole line on the ROW.

Muddy Creek before
Before restoration, Muddy Creek washed sediment and debris into the Rhode River and Chesapeake Bay

BGE saw the environmental benefit in restoring Muddy Creek and also the ability to protect electric reliability for its customers. BGE funded approximately one-third of the project’s cost to help the Riverkeeper go forward with the work.

The stream now features several gradual curves to slow water velocity, newly created wetlands that will catch overflow and new plantings stabilize stream banks. Frogs have already moved into the wetlands, a quick endorsement for the works’ effectiveness.

The area will also be maintained as an Integrated Vegetation Management site, eliminating invasive species and fostering sustainable natural ecosystems.

This restoration effort is the largest and most complex undertaken by the West/Rhode Riverkeeper and another way for BGE to move smart energy forward by preserving future reliability and the environment.