BGE: New Look, Same Dedication and Commitment

BGE’s parent company for the last ten years, Exelon, has officially completed separation from its former power generation business, Constellation. 

Exelon consists of six utilities (ACE, Delmarva Power, BGE, ComEd, PECO and Pepco) serving 10 million customers across 25,600 square miles of service area – and unveiled a new logo for the corporation and each of the companies in the Exelon family.

We sat down with BGE President and CEO Carim Khouzami to ask him some questions about the change.

BGE President and CEO, Carim Khouzami

Q: What does separation of Exelon and Constellation mean, and what impact will this have on BGE’s customers?

A: This is a big day in our company’s history, but for our customers, they will see no day-to-day change. Our employees are still intently focused on delivering the highest quality service to our customers.

Exelon and Constellation are now two separate companies. We are still owned by Exelon and we will continue to deliver safe, reliable, and affordable energy and you can find us at the same website, phone number, and locations. Our work to power a cleaner and brighter future for our customers and communities continues – we are committed to our Path to Clean goal of reaching net-zero operations-driven emissions by 2050 and empowering our customers to reduce their emissions through access to clean and affordable energy solutions.

Q: What do you find most exciting about this change?

A: We are part of the largest and premier energy delivery company in the nation and our leadership and people are solely focused on transmission and distribution of power. Given our combined size and scale and proven model of operational excellence, our dedication to improving customer satisfaction and innovative thinking, Exelon and BGE are well-positioned to deliver on our commitments to our customers and communities.

Q: What will the benefits be to our customers?

A: BGE has been meeting the energy needs of our customers for 206 years! Over our history and especially in the last decade with Exelon, we have greatly improved our performance in every category that counts for our customers – safety, reliability, customer satisfaction. One example that comes to mind is the decrease in power outages that our customers experience. Since 2010, the number of electric outages has decreased 45 percent and outage length has been reduced by 38 percent.

Across the Exelon utilities, we share best practices, help each other during storms and emergencies, and set higher standards for everything we do. Our culture of learning and innovation is augmented by similar cultures at each of our utilities, magnifying the positive impact that we can have on our customers.

Q: What does this mean for our many stakeholders and partners?

A: Our relationships in the community are so important to us – whether it’s with our community partners, trusted contractors and vendors, the elected officials we work with every day, or our regulators. These relationships will only get better as we remain committed to the community and the people who live and work in our service area. Our nonprofit programs aren’t changing. Our work isn’t changing so partnerships won’t change because of this separation. We will continue to communicate and work with our elected officials and regulators to find ways to keep improving and continue being a trusted energy partner.

Q: What do customers need to know about this change?

We have a new logo, but the most important thing for our customers to know is that their relationship with us does not change. No action is required on their part. We are the same BGE – our local leadership hasn’t changed, our dedicated employees haven’t changed, our website and phone number are all the same. There will be no account changes, even if you use a third-party supplier. If you do have any questions, please contact us at 1.800.685.0123 or

Q: Can you tell us about the new logo?

A: We updated our logo and colors to reflect our place as part of Exelon, which has been a driving force behind the improvements we make to serve you better. We now have a shared visual identity with Exelon and the other five company utilities that reflects our collective commitment to meeting our customers’ needs. We’ll phase in the new logo over several years to take advantage of the natural lifecycle of our materials and equipment. Importantly, this gradual approach will not increase costs for customers.

This does mean you may see our old logo for a while as we replace it over this period, so we are taking all the steps we can so our customers and communities are aware. If anyone questions the identity of a BGE employee, or the validity of a BGE communication, they should contact BGE directly at 1.800.685.0123 to speak with one of our outstanding customer care representatives.

Q: This is quite a way to start off 2022. What else is in store for the year?

A: Continued progress on our Path to Clean, continued growth in our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, stronger partnerships with our nonprofit partners, and a deeper commitment to central Maryland. As always, you’re going to see our crews out doing the work to maintain the poles, wires and pipes and install newer, more resilient infrastructure to improve your service. This change allows us to continue growing and positions us well for the next 206 years!