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As operators of the electric grid, BGE is the natural fit to manage a customer-focused transition to electrification. Through EVsmart, BGE is helping central Maryland meet environmental goals, while putting more cash into customer wallets and creating greater equity.

“EV adoption is happening, and it’s happening quickly. Our involvement allows us to capture data and follow trends, to truly be at the forefront of providing cleaner energy,” says Joseph Picarelli, Jr., BGE’s Principal Business Analyst, Utility of the Future.

Since its launch, BGE’s EVsmart program has helped get electric vehicles (EVs) on the road, reduce emissions, decrease greenhouse gases, and include all customers in the benefits of electrification. For residential customers, EVsmart has offered rebates and incentives for home chargers, reduced rates for off-peak hour charging. EVsmart also makes available commercial, fleet, and multifamily unit rebates on the purchase and installation of chargers.

What this add ups to is 286 public chargers energized with a total of 420 sited, 48 BGE-owned and operated multifamily ports installed, more than 3,000 residential rebate applications, and 1,755 enrolled in the EV-only time of use rate (TOU). So far!

In 2023, BGE is installing a total of 500 EV charging stations on public sites such as parks, libraries, schools, BWI airport, and city hall. This initiative ensures charging availability across lower income areas, not just along busy highway corridors. BGE’s rideshare program, funded by the Department of Energy, in partnership with LYFT and FlexDrive, is another way BGE fosters equity, by creating jobs and reducing pollution.

New EVsmart programs are on the horizon, including a program proposed to the Maryland Public Service Commission for rebates to electrify school buses, with expected far-reaching effects.

“It’s exciting to think of kids growing up riding electric school buses,” he says. “Not only will we improve the air quality of our communities, but we will also raise a generation fluent in the energy of the future. They’ll feel a sense of stewardship over the environment because they are part of protecting it.”

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