The shoreline at Chestnut Hill Cove.

Restoring the Shoreline at Chestnut Hill Cove

The Chestnut Hill Cove shore restoration site was completed as part of BGE’s larger Key Crossing Reliability Initiative Project.

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The shoreline in Chestnut Hill Cove, a waterfront community in Anne Arundel County, had previously suffered from excessive erosion and slope failures. As part of the Key Crossing Reliability Initiative Project, BGE decided to restore the area.
To complete the project, over 4,400 tons of sand, 2,200 tons of cobble, and 2,400 tons of stone and riprap were used to form a low and high marsh for a total of 20,165 square feet of tidal wetlands. Additionally, over 17,000 plants were planted and will be monitored for 5 years to ensure the viability of the living shoreline.

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