BGE Safety Stars to the Rescue

In December 2022, while working near their job site on Frederick Road, GCM&R crew members rescued an injured person from a car that crashed and caught fire.

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Last year, BGE’s Gas Construction, Maintenance & Repair Hot Tap Technicians Ricky Mallory, Morgan Cooper and Chris Studeny went above and beyond to serve our community. The team took BGE’s safety commitment to another level last December when they demonstrated quick thinking and unwavering courage to save a person’s life after a car accident resulted in a fire.

In the face of imminent danger these men rose to the occasion, showcasing their training and skills in CPR and fire mitigation—demonstrating their selflessness and profound care for the well-being of others.

In recognition of the team’s courageous actions, the Southern Gas Association honored BGE with a 2023 Meritorious Action Award!

This esteemed award recognizes the exceptional bravery and dedication displayed by our colleagues in the face of a life-threatening situation and exemplifies the high standards of our company. It is a testament to the unwavering spirit and commitment of the Hot Tap team and their heroism and dedication serve as an inspiration to all BGE employees and reminds us of the incredible strength we possess when we work together.

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