Good Energy Has a Beat: BGE Shines a Light on Media Rhythm Institute

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The next Bad Bunny or Ice Spice may very well be a K-12 student in Baltimore. If they are, Media Rhythm Institute (MRI) is ready to help them succeed. Created in 2017 to empower the city’s many talented youths, MRI provides arts education programs in school, afterschool, and during summer break taught by experts in their field.

While nurturing kids’ talents, MRI also promotes STEM education, enhances academic achievement, and develops business savvy. Budding dancers, hip-hop performers, composers, filmmakers, and DJs choose from programs that target their specific interests and goals. MRI fosters entrepreneurship to help these future stars confidently navigate the entertainment business. In addition to its youth programming, MRI offers a workforce development program for adults and special events for community members of all ages.

With such important priorities, MRI carefully ensures funding goes where it’s needed most—to support the students and community. That requires careful spending, which is why receiving a BGE Energizing Small Business Grant is having an immediate impact.

“It puts us on the pathway to success,” says Director of Programming Deverick Murray. “We have hurdles we will be able to address immediately. The first is having a down payment to purchase a box truck and turn in the rented box truck. The second is to provide CDL training tuition. We are truly thankful!”