BGE storm damage repair work

Photos: BGE crews restore service to more than 63,000 customers impacted by severe storms

High winds and heavy rain damaged electric equipment throughout central Maryland during back-to-back weather events in April 2020

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BGE has restored electric service to more than 63,000 customers who lost power due to thunderstorms and high winds in multiple mid-April storms that impacted central Maryland.

Most of the outages were caused by trees and large tree limbs that fell onto power lines and other electric equipment. BGE increased staffing—including through virtual operations—and mobilized crews in advance of the storms.

“Electric service is vital, even more so now that everyone in the community is focused on maintaining health and safety during this COVID-19 pandemic. We appreciate the support we’ve received as our crews worked quickly and safely to restore power under difficult conditions,” said BGE President and Chief Operating Officer Stephen J. Woerner.

More information about restoration efforts during the most recent storm is available on

BGE storm repair work
BGE crews repair damage to overhead electric equipment in Catonsville, Md., on April 13, 2020 (photo by Kaitlin Newman)
BGE crews repair storm damage
Replacement electric equipment staged at the scene of extensive storm damage in Catonsville, Md. (photo by Kaitlin Newman)
Lineworkers replace a damaged utility pole in Sykesville, Md., on April 8, 2020.
BGE crews repair storm damage
Crews restring a span of electric wires pulled down by a large tree during a storm in Sykesville, Md.
BGE crews staged at the scene of storm damage
More than a dozen BGE and vegetation management contractor vehicles respond to the scene of extensive damage in Sykesville, Md., on April 8. The damage stretched a half a mile on two streets.