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Bringing Good Energy Home with ENERGY STAR NextGen™ Certified Homes

ENERGY STAR NextGen™ Certified Homes takes BGE’s partnership with the EPA one step further, allowing us to rally industry partners and dramatically further reduce emissions.

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For thirty years, the label has been a stamp of approval on household appliances that comply with the EPA’s government-backed energy efficiency standards. Consumers might not realize that houses and apartments can be “energy stars,” too.

In the last decade, BGE supported the construction of more than 34,000+ ENERGY STAR homes and apartments, saving customers $148 million in energy costs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions through avoided energy use. In 2023 alone, BGE helped Maryland builders certify 2,543 newly constructed ENERGY STAR homes and apartments, saving homeowners and renters over $9 million in energy costs compared to standard code-built homes.

Now, BGE is among the first companies to invest in the next big thing in ENERGY STAR home construction, ENERGY STAR NextGen™ Certified Homes. Certified Homes will boost energy-efficiency, drive emissions reductions, generate bill savings, support improved air quality, and increase the comfort and well-being of consumers. With a three-year, $13 million proposal in EmPOWER funding, and partnering with its diverse network of builders and tradespeople, BGE is laying the foundation for the new certification to build upon. Funded through , these investments are part of BGE’s efforts to support Maryland’s ambitious

 statewide energy efficiency and decarbonization goals.

As a regulated utility, serving its customers for more than 200 years, BGE has deep roots in the communities it serves and a unique capacity to implement energy-efficient residential building. The EPA’s technical analysis and framework enables a robust program, while BGE provides the ability to deploy at scale. “Decarbonizing the housing sector is a monumental task,” says Benjamin Schott, BGE Senior Energy Efficiency Program Manager. “It requires new tools, new strategies, and diverse partnerships with builders, developers, home energy raters and inspectors, mechanical contractors, suppliers, installers, and product manufacturers. ENERGY STAR NextGen™ Certified Homes takes our partnership with the EPA one step further, allowing us to rally industry partners and dramatically further reduce emissions.”

By providing incentives for partners in the form of rebates and visibility as a leader in energy-efficient home construction, BGE’s ENERGY STAR NextGen™ Certified Homes partnership is also a win-win for builders. “We see tremendous value in building homes that are ahead of code and industry expectations, and we’re proud to offer certified ENERGY STAR NextGen™ homes,” says Chance Hall, division president for Beazer Homes in Maryland. “Participating in BGE’s residential energy efficiency initiatives supports our commitment to building high-quality, energy–efficient homes that are win-win for both the environment and homeowners seeking lower energy bills.”

But the biggest benefit comes to consumers. BGE has been safely and reliably delivering energy to homes in its service area for more than two centuries. While BGE has consistently delivered on its energy efficiency commitments by supporting ENERGY STAR certification for homes, the next-level NextGen certification offers a new opportunity to support advanced electric equipment and drive deeper emissions reductions. Through this new certification, BGE is implementing a higher standard to drive the market for more energy-efficient housing.

“The decision builders and home buyers or renters make to create and purchase these homes is not simply altruistic,” says Asa Foss, Program Development Analyst, ENERGY STAR Residential Branch, US EPA. “While the massive emissions reduction is a benefit, we also know that consumers will enjoy energy cost savings and a better occupant experience.” 

BGE has consistently and successfully met its energy savings obligations by working with ENERGY STAR to make homes more energy efficient—through better insulation, HVAC systems, windows, and more. With ENERGY STAR NextGen™ Certified Homes, BGE tackles carbon emissions by addressing the heating fuel source and promoting efficient electric technologies. “This is not just energy efficiency,” says Schott. “It’s energy efficiency combined with electrification.”

BGE is proud to expand the ENERGY STAR galaxy of products and certifications as one of the first supporters of ENERGY STAR NextGen™ Certified Homes. Working together, we can make every home an energy star.

Photo: Bobby Thompson, director of operations for Beazer Homes (left), Zak Shadid, EPA’s Partner Services Manager for the Energy Star Residential Branch (center), and Benjamin Schott, BGE Senior Energy Efficiency Program Manager (right), during a tour of one of Beazer’s Energy Star certified homes in Ellicott City Friday, April 19, 2024.