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Boys and Girls Club Westminster

The Boys & Girls Club of Westminster engages teens in healthy eating

A community garden introduces high school students to the joys of working in the dirt, the satisfaction of problem solving and the delights of fresh vegetables

Bikemore Mobile Bike Shop

A Mobile Bike Shop connects neighborhoods to opportunities

BGE supports Bikemore’s Mobile Bike Shop, which makes bikes ready to ride on the spot. The bike shops are also a place to start conversations with residents who want to make their neighborhoods safer and healthier.

Hundreds turn out to turn inefficient air conditioners into cash

Customers from as far away as southwest Baltimore traveled to Bel Air to recycle their appliances

Irvine Nature Center

Irvine Nature Center encourages us to explore, respect and protect nature

A BGE Green Grant will help the center train volunteers to share knowledge and enthusiasm about the natural environment

First of 500 BGE electric vehicle chargers opens for business in Annapolis

BGE’s charger network will spur the adoption of EVs and help Maryland meet its clean air and Healthy Chesapeake Bay goals

Butterfly in South River Greenway

The right-of-way to help native plants and animals thrive in energy corridors

How integrated vegetation management transforms the area around transmission lines into vibrant natural communities where birds, bees, and butterflies flourish alongside flowering nectar plants.

Old car and electric vehicle side by side

Save Even More with New Rebates for EV Chargers

BGE’s EVsmart Program offers $300 rebates for residential customers who install a smart charger. It also helps Maryland meet its goal of having 300,000 zero-emission vehicles on the road by 2025 to improve air quality and Chesapeake Bay health.

Muddy creek sunset

Keeping Muddy Creek Clear

In Anne Arundel County, Muddy Creek is a sleepy stream that empties into the Rhode River. But when heavy rains hit, a span of the Creek that crosses a BGE transmission right-of-way (ROW) turns into a high-speed sediment delivery service headed straight for the Chesapeake Bay.

BGE Chevy Volt at a charging station

Myths, busted: Electric Vehicles

Can EVs get you where you need to go? Will your electric bill skyrocket? Aren’t they more expensive? And are they really ‘clean?’
Find out!

Nissan LEAF at lord baltimore building

Electric vehicles made easy

Any vehicle that is powered by electricity from a plug-in rechargeable battery is an electric vehicle (EV).
But did you know there are different types of EVs?

Butterfly in the pollinator garden

Baltimore and BGE – Birdland

BGE’s Spring Gardens campus in South Baltimore is home to an official Audubon Bird-Friendly Habitat. BGE is the first corporation to earn this recognition!

BGE linemen with osprey nest

BGE Linemen Help Osprey Chicks Take Flight

Three osprey chicks were rescued from a nest that caught on fire after being struck by lighting. BGE built a platform for the nest then went above and beyond – rehoming the chicks.

TED empties trash into a dumpster

Meet ‘TED’

The Patapsco River flows through central Maryland and into the Chesapeake Bay, where its mouth forms Baltimore Harbor. Unfortunately, storm water runoff from the city led to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency listing the river’s Middle Branch as impaired for trash.

A service operator puts the finishing touches on a new nest platform for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Matt Fiery on Osprey Watch

Osprey Watch protects raptors while enhancing reliable electricity service for customers.

BGE raised a nest platform at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Osprey Watch: Protecting Raptors and Preventing Outages

Osprey are a Chesapeake Bay region crown jewels – and their return each March from breeding season causes nature lovers to gaze skyward.