BGE Is Prepared and Ready for Summer Heat and Storms

Customers are encouraged to prepare for summer weather.

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is prepared to respond to extreme weather and urges customers to take steps now that can help protect their families and properties. As a result of continued investments in electric system upgrades, new innovative technologies, and the company’s dedicated employees, BGE’s ability to provide safe and reliable electric power and promptly restore power after an outage is stronger now than ever before. Still, customers should have a plan in place, especially during hurricane season, which runs June 1 through Nov. 30.

In 2023, the average number of interruptions experienced by customers (0.69) was the third best rate in BGE’s history, compared to 2017’s all-time low of 0.63. Since 2011, the number of electric outages has decreased 39 percent and outage length has been reduced by 37 percent.
“BGE consistently strives to improve day-to-day reliability for the residents and businesses in central Maryland and increase the safety of our grid for our employees and customers,” said BGE Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Derrick Dickens. “We infuse innovation into every aspect of our business so that we are prepared to meet the demands of extreme summer weather. BGE also offers customers resources to prepare for severe weather conditions that they can access throughout the year, not just during the summer season of storms and heat.”

BGE invested nearly $1.4 billion in infrastructure improvements and operations and maintenance of the company’s electric system in 2023. Since 2014, BGE has invested $18 billion in improving, operating, and maintaining both the gas and electric systems serving our customers. As part of the Exelon family of companies, BGE can draw on resources from sister utilities Delmarva Power in Delaware, PECO in Pennsylvania, Atlantic City Electric in New Jersey, Pepco in Washington, D.C., and ComEd in Illinois to help power restoration after major storms.

As BGE prepares, customers should prepare before severe weather events:
  • Connect with BGE for additional ways to report outages and keep informed about an outage:

  • Text “ADDOUTAGE” to MYBGE (69243), for two-way texting.

  • Store a supply of bottled water and easy-to-prepare, non-perishable foods.

  • Keep cell phones and mobile devices charged.

  • Customers with landlines should keep a corded phone to report outages if cell phones lose power.

  • Have a flashlight with fresh batteries on each floor of your home.

  • Customers requiring refrigeration for medication or electricity for medical equipment should have alternate arrangements in place in the event of an extended power outage.

  • Bookmark BGE’s enhanced outage map at for general information on outages in BGE’s service area.

How customers can report outages
BGE asks all customers to  in any of the following ways:
  • Text message, to 69243

  • Phone, by calling 877.778.2222

These reporting services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To sign up for email and text notifications, visit .
BGE’s restoration priorities are public safety and other essential services such as 911 centers, hospitals and pumping stations. Then restoration is generally scheduled so that the greatest number of customers can be restored as quickly and as safely as possible. However, in cases of extended power outages, consideration is also given to customers who have been without service for the longest.
: safety reminder
As a reminder, fallen overhead power lines should never be approached or touched even if the lines do not appear to be live or sparking. Call BGE at 877.778.2222 to report fallen electrical lines. Call BGE at 800.685.0123 if you see branches, kites, toys, balloons, or other items caught in a power line. Do not try to remove them. To report gas odors, get out fast and call 911 or 877.778.7798.