What You Need to Know About Your Energy Supply Options

Third party gas and electric suppliers provide options for customers across the region, but BGE advises that you do your research before making a choice.

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Your energy bill is divided into two parts: supply, which is the cost of the gas or electricity that you use, and delivery, which covers the transportation of the energy from its source to your home or business.

BGE delivers gas and electricity to all customers. This also means that BGE is responsible for the wires, poles, pipelines and outage restoration regardless of who supplies the electricity or gas. Since BGE delivers to all customers in its central Maryland service area, its costs and policies are regulated by the Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC).

However, supply is not a regulated service. The PSC licenses energy suppliers. This gives you the choice to shop for the best energy rates and terms. Customers who do not select a supplier are served by BGE.

If you are interested in finding a third party supplier, do your research and compare cost, contract terms, programs, and billing options carefully. Make sure you contact a supplier directly to discuss terms, conditions, and potential enrollment prior to signing up.

Be careful when giving out your personal information. BGE has received complaints from customers about their accounts being switched to a third party supplier without their knowledge, or that the rates are much higher than originally promised.

More information is available at bge.com and psc.state.md.us