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Beat the Heat: BGE Tips to Help Lower Energy Bills

As temperatures soar to 90 degrees and above this week, BGE encourages customers to conserve energy, even in periods of extreme heat. This not only […]

BGE Keeps Supply Steady with Summertime Gas Acquisition

Summer, with its sunny skies and warm days, is a welcome break for many after winter’s frigid temperatures. Yet, while many are planning summer leisure […]

BGE Is Prepared and Ready for Summer Heat and Storms

Customers are encouraged to prepare for summer weather.

Welder working on infrastructure pipe

Upgraded Infrastructure Is in the Pipeline

While local to Baltimore, the Downtown Pipeline project’s effects extend far beyond—enhancing safety, reliability, and environmental sustainability for tens of thousands of customers.

Smart Thermostat

Bringing Good Energy Home with ENERGY STAR NextGen™ Certified Homes

ENERGY STAR NextGen™ Certified Homes takes BGE’s partnership with the EPA one step further, allowing us to rally industry partners and dramatically further reduce emissions.

Take Control of Your Home’s Energy Efficiency with BGE’s Home Energy Report

Ever get those parental flashbacks of being told to stop leaving the lights on? It turns out our parents were the OG energy savers, paving […]

Efficiency Spotlight: Shannon Clarke, Owner of Starry Night Bakery

As featured in BGE’s The Efficient Home Magazine, meet Shannon Clarke, owner of Starry Night Bakery, who has a great story to tell.

BGE Reminds Customers to Stay Vigilant, Avoid Energy-Related Scams

With the holiday season approaching, BGE joins Utilities United Against Scams (UUAS) in supporting International Fraud Awareness Week and recognizing Utility Scam Awareness Day by […]

Good Energy Builds Good Relationships

During its 2023 Premier Customer Meeting, BGE’s Large Customer Services Team engaged large customers and energy users in conversations about sustainability and the evolving energy landscape.

Call 811 safe digging

Planting new shrubs? Putting in a deck? Refreshing your flowerbed? Call 811!

“Know What’s Below” before any new home project that requires digging

BGE Safety Stars to the Rescue

In December 2022, while working near their job site on Frederick Road, GCM&R crew members rescued an injured person from a car that crashed and caught fire.

Still seeing purple lights? Here’s how you can help!

BGE crews have replaced over 14,000 to date, including approximately 5,000 in the first quarter of 2023.

Good Energy Leads to Possibility

As operators of the electric grid, BGE is the natural fit to manage a customer-focused transition to electrification. Through EVsmart, BGE is helping central Maryland […]

Good Energy Leads to Reliability

The year 2022 saw historic reliability for BGE. The number of service interruptions each customer experienced was the fourth lowest on record. When the power […]

BGE Winter Storm Elliott crew repair work

Winter Storm Elliott and the electric system investments that prevented 150,000 outages

Automation technology installed throughout the BGE electric distribution system helped customers avoid more than one outage for every outage that occurred during the most disruptive December storm in BGE’s 200-year history

Are You Ready for Winter?

As the temperatures drop, your energy use tends to rise.

BGE’s Assistance Finder Provides Customers with Recommended Programs that Fit Their Needs

BGE’s Assistance Finder tool makes finding energy assistance easier than ever for our customers.

BGE 6 Tips on how to save on energy costs this winter

6 tips to lower your energy costs.

Autumn is in full swing, which means it’s a great time to take advantage of the comfortable temperatures to prepare your home to help you […]