Good Energy is Sweet: BGE Sheds a Light on Dulceology Bakery

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At Dulceology, they’ve got delectable baked goods down to a science. Specifically, “The branch of science concerned with sweets and pastries in all its forms and phenomena.” Translation for the customer: “Yum.”

There’s something for everyone, including everything from traditional alfajores cookies to a croissant donut. Want a Brioche donut, instead? Sure thing. Macarons? Cakes? Cupcakes? Yes, yes, yes. Dulceology even offers a menu of indulgent gluten-free and vegan items at its eye-catchingly pink shop on Charles Street in Baltimore. The cookies, cakes, cupcakes, and pastries are crafted by hand each day by a team of baking artists who ensure each treat is as delicious as it is beautiful. As far as ingredients, Dulceology likes to keep things simple:  milk, eggs, flour, sugar, and chocolate. No shortening, chemicals, or preservatives.

What started out as a hobby and passion for quality Latin-inspired desserts for Nicole Levia, a pastry chef, and her sister, Alejandra, an entrepreneur, has grown into a full-time retail bakery. Remarkably, the sisters opened Dulceology in mid-September 2020, in the middle of the COVID pandemic. Having included the right ingredients for success, Dulceology is still on the rise, like its tall, stunningly decorated cakes, in part thanks to a BGE Energizing Small Business Grant.

“This [grant] means so much to our bakery! Our plan is to continue improving our online system, packaging, and flow of our bakeshop to maximize efficiency,” says Nicole. “The opportunity allows us to strategically grow despite the challenges we face and be better prepared to weather any storm.” That sounds sweet!