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Butterfly in South River Greenway

The right-of-way to help native plants and animals thrive in energy corridors

How integrated vegetation management transforms the area around transmission lines into vibrant natural communities where birds, bees, and butterflies flourish alongside flowering nectar plants.

Call 811 safe digging

An 8/11 reminder: Call 811 before you dig

Every few minutes nationwide an underground utility line is damaged because someone decided to dig without calling 811 first.


Nailed it! Girls grades 7-12 learn from BGE’s best women field workers

Yes, girls enjoy construction jobs, too! Twenty-five middle school and high school girls spent the day at BGE’s Spring Gardens natural gas facility for the […]

Here’s How Much BGE Customers Saved During Last Week’s Energy Savings Days

BGE’s chief customer officer thanks customers for helping to further ensure the reliability of the electric delivery system across the Mid-Atlantic region during two extremely hot July days.

Transmission lines

Energy Savings Days: What they mean for you

Electricity usage spikes on the hottest days. It’s an opportunity for BGE customers to take simple steps to conserve energy—and earn bill credits!

Smart Energy Intern in net at Outward Bound

Outward Bound Pushes Smart Energy Interns to New Heights

BGE’s Smart Energy High School Interns had a fantastic day at Outward Bound pushing their personal boundaries, developing leadership skills and building relationships with their new colleagues.