Employee looks at Nissan LEAF

Behind the Wheel, Ahead of the Curve

Getting behind the wheel of an electric vehicle helps drivers understand their capabilities and learn if they fit their lifestyle (they usually do…)

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Nissan brought the all-electric LEAF to BGE to show off the electric vehicle (EV) to company employees during a ride-and-drive event.

By getting employees behind the wheel, Nissan and BGE worked to build awareness of EV capabilities and increase interest in purchasing the vehicles for personal use.

About 30 employees took advantage of the opportunity and many came away impressed by the EV’s performance while also noting concerns about their range and a lack of charging locations.

Nissan LEAF and E V charger
The Nissan LEAF can go more than 100 miles on a single charge.

Raising awareness and addressing any concerns are key steps to inspire early EV adoption.

The company initially became involved with EVs after their introduction in 2010 when it purchased some for its fleet and installed charging stations. Now BGE is focused on supporting the state of Maryland’s goal to have 300,000 zero-emissions vehicles on the road by 2025.

BGE joined 13 other signatories to propose a state-wide EV charger network. The Maryland Public Service Commission is currently reviewing the proposal. It it’s accepted, Maryland would have the third largest charging network in the United States.

Once a charging network is under development, experts expect EV adoption to accelerate, which will help Maryland meet its clean air and water goals.