BGE CEO Calvin Butler Speaks on Diversity and Inclusion: “When we come from a place of purpose, the impact ripples outward…”

BGE CEO Calvin Butler delivered the keynote address at Maryland Governor Larry Hogan’s Business Summit and shared why it is so important to nurture a culture that celebrates diversity and demands inclusion

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Diversity and Inclusion

BGE sees diversity and inclusion as a key driver of success and vital for the health and well-being of its employees. An excerpt from CEO Calvin Butler’s keynote speech follows.


I believe that workforce retention and workforce development are directly linked to creating a diverse and inclusive culture that empowers employees and encourages them to innovate in ways that help us power a cleaner and brighter future for our customers and communities.

Here’s why.

As CEO of BGE, I know how important people are to a thriving organization, big or small. Where I work, our employees, quite simply, are everything. From the folks who secure and safeguard the buildings, to those who keep the facilities clean and orderly, they all matter. From the men and women responsible for technology running efficiently, to those who help build and implement our community engagement programs, they too serve critical functions.

2019 Governor’s Business Summit at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel – Kyle Bergner Photography

Every staff person at BGE makes a meaningful contribution. These men and women literally help us keep the lights on and the gas flowing. Perhaps even more importantly, they help us light the way with a greater purpose.

To me, purpose is the point. Nelson Mandela said, “there is nothing like a fixed, steady aim, with an honorable purpose. It dignifies your nature and insures your success.”

Our work is not Mandela’s work. But, when we are guided by purpose in our work—no matter what it is—we care more deeply, execute our jobs with integrity, and invest in common objectives. When we come from a place of purpose, the impact ripples outward, like the waves from a stone skimmed on a pond, in larger and larger circles.